By Avantika Seeth

Published on 6 February 2018 on the City Press / News24 website

The cost of feeding an adult woman between the ages of 19 and 64 has been priced at R588.45 a month, and the cost of feeding an adult man between the ages of 19 and 64 sits at R620.49 a month. This is according to key data compiled from the January 2018 Pacsa Minimum Nutritional Food Basket. The basket is an indication of the food that families and individulas should be consuming, in order to meet their nutritional demands.

With this in mind, students who enter tertiary field from low-income households often battle to meet food security for themselves during their studies.

The South Africa Student Solidarity Foundation for Education (SASSFE), which was formed in April 2016, saw the need to be able to provide wholesome meals for students at the University of Witwatersrand, and thus began the initiative to call on ulumni members to contribute towards a food scheme which currently provides a hot meal to 200 students every day throughout the year.

Trustees Manco SASSFE

Seated From left to right are the trustees: Judge Richard Goldstone, Archbishop Thabo Makgoba and Judge Azar Cachalia. Not pictured is Professor Mamokgethi Phakela.

Standing from left to right are members of the management committee: Kenneth Creamer, Tiego Moseneke and Terry Tselane. Not pictured are Moss Mashishi, Professor Firoz Cachalia, Themba Maseko, Linda Vilakazi and Tebogo Thotela.


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Pursuant to Vukile’s participation in an accelerated equity book build undertaken by Atlantic Leaf Properties Limited on 13 September 2017, Vukile was allocated 23 152 709 Atlantic Leaf shares at a subscription price of R17,60 per share (GBP1.015). The ABO subscription shares were issued and delivered to Vukile, on a delivery-versus-payment basis, on Wednesday, 20 September 2017. Against transfer of the ABO subscription shares to Vukile, Vukile’s aggregate shareholding in Atlantic Leaf has increased to 65 951 117 ALP shares constituting 34.9% of the enlarged issued share capital of Atlantic Leaf. The transfer to Vukile of the ABO subscription shares have accordingly resulted in Vukile’s shareholding in Atlantic Leaf exceeding 30% of all voting shares in Atlantic Leaf.

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14 September 2017 - Andy Brauer has joined Encha Group as Chief Technology Officer. Brauer brings a wealth of experience to Encha’s growing range of activities. The appointment of Brauer is in line with the company’s strategy to attract partners who are subject-matter domain experts with relevant industry-specific experience and capabilities.

According to Encha’s founder and Executive Chairman, Tiego Moseneke, Brauer brings along a vast experience in the digital engineering technology space, spreading through an array of sectors from banking to sustainable energy. He previously served as Chief Technology Officer for Huawei Africa and Business Connexion.

By Hanna Zidy: Investment Writer


This article appeared in the Business Day of 21 June 2017, page 9 of COMPANIES AND MARKETS

Alliances between banks and financial technology (fintech) companies will continue to mushroom, as fintechs look to scale using bank balance sheets, while banks race to remain competitive in a digital world, says tech group Cisco.

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